Succesfully in Hungary

Succesfully in Hungary

Tomas Ourednicek scores in Hungarian Cross-Country Rally Championship

Tomáš Ouředníček / Pavel Vaculík (HUMMER H3 EVO) – winner of T1.1.2 category ; 5th overall

RiverSide Baja rally race, recently included into the Hungarian Cross-Country Rally Championship, took place in a spy resort Bükfürdő and near historical town Beled. This cross country rally was for the first time connected with the another race - Bükfürdő RALLYE, which brought very attractive event for thousands of spectators.

Two OFFROADSPORT crews started in: Zdenek Porizek navigated by Marek Sykora and Tomas Ourednicek with Pavel Vaculík, both crews driving HUMMER H3 EVO.

Porizek-Sykora were fighting for the victory, but trivial defect of the V-belt knocked them out of the race.

Ourednicek-Vaculik were gradually moving forward towards the winners' podium, showing the spectators unexpected giant jump and remarkable unfinished overturn, picture of which was commented by Tomas Ourednicek as a „shot of his life“.

The crew reached 5th place overall and 1st place in T1.1.2. category.

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