UltimateDakar departs for Austria

UltimateDakar departs for Austria

The crew of UltimateDakar, Tomas Ourednicek and Pavel Vaculik starts this weekend at Riverside Baja, fourth round of the Central European Zone Trophy and second round of the Hungarian Championship. The specialty of the event is that for the first time in the history of cross-country rallies Austria is involved in the organisation.

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For Tomas Ourednicek and Pavel Vaculik last year's Riverside Baja was marked by the most spectacular photo of the season. This year the plan is to change spectacular photos for spectacular results. After technical problems in Baja Carpathia two weeks ago, UltimateDakar's H3 EVO went through a thorough revision and the broken clutch was changed. As the terrain is completely different in the two events, Riverside Baja being more rally-like, the setup has been changed to lower the car. The team is now ready for departure to Hungary after a short test realised on Wednesday.

„After Baja Carpathia we changed the clutch, and since the the tracks of Riverside Baja will be quite different from the Polish ones we also changed the setup, so we hope we’re well prepared for the Hungarian event. We are looking forward to the race, it will be a big fun to race in two countries – this will be like a small Dakar. We will really do our best to achieve a good result at this great event," Tomas Ourednicek says.

Riverside Baja starts on Friday in Rechnitz, Austria with administrative checks and scrutineering, followed by the first special in the history of cross-country rallies on Austrian soil, before entering Hungary for the rest of the rally. Riverside Baja ends on Sunday evening after 14 specials.

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