Slippery conditions

Despite being only 5 kilometres long, Baja Aragon’s Superspecial on Friday afternoon proved to be tough because of the heat and even more because of the track being very slippery. Tomas Ourednicek and Pavel Vaculik are in 29th position after the short warmup.

„We’ve finished the Superspecial but the result is not what we expected because we slid off the track three times. It was really slippery. For tomorrow we have to find a good pace, much better than today. I’m not happy with our result, but the race finishes on Sunday, so we have a lot of time to improve”, Tomas Ourednicek said after the finish.

Tomorrow will be an extremely log day at Baja Aragon with a 150 km and a 300 km long track against the clock in the extreme heat. On Sunday one more special of 180 kilometres will await the competitors.