Solid start into Baja Carpathia

Tomas Ourednicek and Pavel Vaculik took a strong start in this weekend’s Baja Carpathia, third round of Central European Zone Trophy and second round of Czech Championship. In Friday’s 6 km Superspecial the crew of UltimateDakar finished 5th with a gap of 34 seconds.

150501 ourednicek1

Mere one week after the finish of Duna Aszfalt Cup, UltimateDakar’s crew was already at the start line of another rally, namely Baja Carpathia, third round of the Central European Zone Trophy and second round of the Czech Championship. Fortunately their H3 EVO didn’t suffer any major damages during the Hungarian race, but based on the experiences in Bugac, they made some changes on the setup of the car. The modifications seem to work: driver Tomas Ourednicek was much happier with the car and also their result than the previous weekend.

“We finished 5th in the Superspecial, with which I am quite happy. The car is now very good, the engine is great, everything is working fine. Maybe the suspension is a bit hard, so we made some changes on the setup for tomorrow. The day was very rainy here, so the track is extremely slippery, not easy to drive on. I made one small mistake, and once we didn’t know exactly where we were, but we didn’t lose too much time. The race is very nice, there are many teams here and the atmosphere is great, we are looking forward to tomorrow,” Tomas Ourednicek said.

On Saturday an 85 and a 70 km long special is scheduled for the competitors of Baja Carpathia, on Sunday there will be two more specials of 103 and 62 km each.

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