Our crew

Tomáš Ouředníček

Owner & Driver

A racer and a fighter on and off the track. Owner of Rental Pro Company, working for the White House Washington D.C., Paramount Pictures Hollywood Studios, opera legend Luciano Pavarotti and a singer and composer Alanis Morissette, Suzanne Vega…

He started his race career as a navigator of the multiple Czech Cross Counry Rally Champion Miroslav Zapletal. Having formed a crew for the Dakar Rally 2009 they together reached 7th place overall and 3rd place in T1.1. category in this famous rally. In the same season they won the Czech Championship and the Hungarian Championship as well.

After recovery from a serious injury caused by an accident in the Dakar Rally 2010 and reaching 4th place in the World Championship 2011 he decided to take up a new challenge.

In 2014  he became a pilot of Hummer H3 EVO.  Altough he was a novice at piloting he drew experience from his many co-pilot starts in Saudi Arabia,  United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Marocco, Tunis, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Portugal and could therefore successively participate in Polish and Czech Championships. In the FIA Central Europe Zone Championship and in the International Championship of Hungary he occupies 1st position in T1.1.2. category and 4th position overall.

2009 Dakar Rally – 7th place overall, 3rd place in T1.1 category

2009 Czech and Hungarian Champion titles

2011 World Championship – 4th place overall

– Hungarian Championship: three winning positions, 4th place overall, 1st place in T1.1.2 category

– Two participations in World Cup Championship: 11th and 9th place

– FIA CEZ (Central Europe Zone): 2nd place overall (98 points, while the Polish winner Komornicky achieved 100 points)

Pavel Vaculík


A manager in a family-based company NABYTEK VACULIK producing all kinds of upholstered furniture for hotels, households and bussiness premises.

He has been devoted to motorsport since reaching the age of 15. Starting in a classic car rally he changed the seat for the first time in 2007 to navigate Victor Chytka in cross country T2 category. Since 2011 he has focused his attention entirely on navigating and participated in numerous Europen races including several starts in the World Championship

His wide experience with the organization of rally races and working as a FIA safety oficial and a rally mechanic enabled him to become an external contributor to rally magazines and internet portals. Since 2014  he´s been a regular co-pilot of Tomas Ourednicek.

Our vehicle

Hummer H3 Evo1

Over 300 HP, 3999cm3, petrol, no turbocharger

Category  – T1 – cross country rally / long-distance rally

Production year – 2010

Engine (type, capacity) – Toyota GR1 – V6, petrol, no turbo, 3999cm3

Engine horsepower – over 300

Weight – cca 1900kg

Particularities – fuel consumption of 55l/100km (in the desert)

– 500l fuel tank

– carbon-kevlar-laminated bodywork

History of the car – 2010 – production

– 2011 – participation in Dakar Rally (pilot Sládek)

– 2013 – Polish Championship, 1 st place (pilot Zapletal)

– World Cup Championship

– 2014 – Europen Championship CEZ, 2nd place overall

– Hungarian Championship – 4th place overall (pilot Ouředníček)

– Hungarian Championship – 1st place in T.1.1 category (Ouředníček)

– Polish Championship

– Czech Championship