New Toyota Gazoo Racing Czech car revealed by the world

New Toyota Gazoo Racing Czech car revealed by the world's most beautiful girls

The best racing machines have the most beautiful girls. There's no doubt about it. Rule, known from Formula One and MotoGP, but it also applies to the tough world of rallyraid.

That's why, when the fastest car in the contemporary world of endurance rallying it couldn't have been otherwise. For every dad, the most beautiful girl in the world is his daughter. So the choice was clear,"  say Dakar pilot Tomáš Ouředníček and navigator David Křípal.

The Legends car festival will be the first time in the history of Czech motorsport in the history of motorsport in the Czech Republic. And it was in the form of a new specification Toyota Hilux GR T1+, the type of the winning machine from the last two Dakar races.

In the world of long-distance racing, it's similar to a Czech pilot getting the opportunity to race in "It's a really historic moment for our motorsport," he said. President of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic Jan Šťovíček.

Presentation of the brand new machine in the colours of the new Toyota Gazoo Racing team Czech could therefore not be attended by anyone other than sixteen-year-old Veronika Ouředníčková and a year later Tereza Křípalová. "It was quite challenging, but enjoyable. We have been cheering for our dads since we were little, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible," both girls commented on the task with a smile. Tomas Ouředníček, an eight-time participant in the toughest motorsport event on the planet and his long-time teammate David Křípal won the new Czech Toyota team together with an exceptional machine, they have also received a level of care never seen before. "All of the cars we have we've driven so far, we've basically been continuously developing. This is extremely important in our conditions. complicated. But now we finally have a car where we don't have to invent anything. There's already everything has been worked out to perfection, and we can concentrate on the sporting result." says the driver.

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