What is the most difficult in the Dakar?

When we hear about the Dakar Rally, most of the stories are about the difficulties and the extreme conditions. But what is the most difficult in the Dakar Rally? Tomas Ourednicek, the driver of Buggyra Ultimate Dakar Team has an interesting answer…

“The craziest thing in the Dakar is the noise. That is the most difficult to endure. There’s huge noise around you, all day and all night. At night the generators are running, and somebody is always hitting, cutting, pushing something. In 2009, I was sleeping in my tent a bike was started about one metre from my head at about 4 am. After some days it already starts to take its toll on you. On the third or fourth day everybody starts looking like a zombie. You are getting more and more tired, and can’t think at all. It’s even worse than driving or navigating in the desert in pitch-dark,” Tomas Ourednicek explains.

On 30 December, the crew of Buggyra Ultimate Dakar, Tomas Ourednicek and his co-driver Pavel Vaculik fly to Buenos Aires, where their Hummer H3 EVO is already waiting for them. After the usual formalities, the 2016 Dakar Rally starts on 2 January with a start ceremony and a short prologue, followed more than 9000 kilometres until the finish line in Rosario.